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"I own an established excavation company with 21 employees. I'm 40 years old and my quoted premium for the SNI Mesa Plan is $498.41 which includes my whole family. My current health insurance premiums are 4X this rate! I'm going to be offering this to all my employees. If everyone new about this health insurance, they would switch to it!"
-Brian M.

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Affordable health insurance with premium savings of up to 40% or more!


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The Popular SNI Mesa Plan

- Includes prescription coverage, behavioral health virtual consults, PCP visits, Urgent care, & unlimited telehealth visits

- Add dental, vision, accident & critical illness to your policy & still save BIG on your premiums

- For individuals, individual+spouse, individual+children or families (no limit on number of children)

- Not a discount or health share program - this is true health insurance

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Sovereign Nations Insurance (SNI) was established and organized through the strength of an inter-Tribal association of federally recognized Indian Tribes. It is a 100% Tribally owned and operated insurance company engaging in interstate and inter-Tribal commerce both on and off Reservations to members of Tribal Health Communities (THC), designated and ratifed by sovereign Tribal Law. AffordableCoverageNow.org is not SNI, nor does it represent them. AffordableCoverageNow.org is run by an independent marketing agency who markets and sells SNI plans.
*Not Available in HI, WA, CO, NY, NJ, CT, MA, ME


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